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Whether you’ll be living in a residence, dorm room or at home, you’ll need to cope with a lot less space–with a lot more stuff. With that in mind, The Source has put this handy guide together to help you maximize your new space.



Tablets have evolved from a simple and limited device into a powerful tool for work or play by offering superior processors, increased screen resolution and proprietary apps. Now you can take notes, view lectures or just kick back and relax with the latest game or app. To see our full selection of tablets, click here.


The sound of your new space

Bluetooth® speakers are a great solution to maximize the quality of sound without taking up a lot of space. Choose from a wide selection of box, tower, sound bar, portable or multi-room speakers. Some products offer extra features including NFC, smartphone chargers and answering services for incoming phone calls. See our full selection of Bluetooth® speakers by clicking here.


If you like jazz and your roommates prefer hip-hop, then you’ll need headphones that offer great sound, comfort and style. Premium headphones are available in wired or wireless (if you want portability) and a wide selection of fashionable colours and contemporary designs. To see our full selection of headphones, click here.

Cool tech to enhance your space

Every hotel room comes with a mini-bar fridge and your special space should be no different. Choose from a wide array of compact fridges that offer the right size, colour and shape to enhance your décor. Study time means snack time–day or night. To see our full selection of compact fridges, click here.


Want more peace-of-mind that your valuables are safe and secure? Select the latest in high-tech padlocks, which connect directly with your smartphone via Bluetooth®. Now you can keep your passcode private or share it with your friends while monitoring every invited entrant to your space. To see our full selection of padlocks, click here.


For more ideas about teching out your space this fall, check out all of our back-to-school deals.