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Smartwatches and activity trackers–wearables that get you moving

Whatever moves you, we have an activity tracker that will move with you. If you walk, run, cycle, swim, hike, do yoga, play basketball and more, we have the perfect device to track your active minutes.

One of the benefits of fitness trackers and sport watches is that they are designed to get you motivated to move. You’ll receive alerts to move and get more steps. The ability to self-monitor your steps, distance, heart rate, etc., may inspire you to keep working out. Some trackers offer personalized feedback that will encourage you to meet your goals. Some activity trackers have personalized coaches which help you stay on track, and are also ideal for beginners just getting started. Health stats and your personal data are analyzed by the coaches to design workouts and provide feedback to help you improve your performance. Plus, we have sport watches that track laps if you swim, and some models like the Fitbit Ionic will recognize tennis, basketball, soccer and more. Most devices have motivation alerts, and trackers for kids have reward badges when they reach their goals. Stop by The Source today, and let us know what drives you. We’ll help you pick the perfect smartwatch to suit your lifestyle.

We’ve got the brands and features you want

Some wearables are waterproof, some have GPS built in, and some have both. No matter what activity you enjoy, The Source has the right activity tracker or smartwatch for you. Need one that tracks your meetings and phone calls? A Samsung Galaxy smartwatch is a smart choice as it keeps you connected to your daily life and schedules, and also has features that are found on most fitness apps. Fitbit®, Samsung and Apple Watch all have built-in pay features so you don’t need to carry your wallet. And we have the brands you love—Fitbit®, Samsung Galaxy, Apple Watch, HUAWEI, Garmin, Timex and more. Wearables have evolved to offer so much more than counting steps and tracking distance.

We’re here to help

Whatever gets you moving, our knowledgeable Associates will help you find the perfect smartwatch or wearable. And, if you already have an activity tracker but need a new charging cable, or band to dress up your smartwatch, look to for the latest activity tracker accessories.

Can fitness trackers measure/monitor blood pressure?

Some activity trackers and most smartwatches have a heart rate monitor. There are a few models, such as Omron fitness trackers, that also monitor blood pressure. The advantages include that you can check readings instantly to see if your BP is high or low, any time or anywhere you are. Users can combine this information, along with calories burned data, to modify their workouts. However, some of the cons include using this feature drains the battery and may not be as accurate as a traditional blood monitor cuff.

Can fitness trackers detect heart problems?

Activity trackers are designed to help individuals track their fitness, and many users track their heart rate. Apple Watch devices feature ECG, which measures heart rhythms and will detect rapid or skipped heart beats. Fitbit continuously conducts research and works with healthcare providers to improve health-tracking enhancements and features in their wearables. These devices will track even more health data in the future. However, users should not solely depend on trackers, and follow up with their doctors if they see any irregularities with their heart rate and ECG results.

Can fitness trackers detect sleep apnea?

In a study completed by the US National Library of Medicine in 2018, it was confirmed that wearables that monitor sleep can help users discover patterns–good and bad–in their sleep. For example, if your sleep tracker indicates multiple disruptions during sleep, it’s best to follow up with your doctor as it could be an indicator of sleep apnea. Apple®, Garmin and Fitbit® wearables with sleep tracking have proven popular amongst users at tracking sleep patterns and problems. It is best to follow up with a health professional if you see any irregularities in your own sleep patterns.  

Can fitness trackers count calories and/or help with weight loss?

Yes, many trackers show an estimated total number of calories based on the data inputted by the user such as height, weight, age when they set up their account. They calculate users’ energy expenditures from their activities that have been recorded by the device. Experts note that activity trackers may not necessarily help with weight loss, but they will help motivate you to move more, and help you reach your fitness goals.

Can fitness trackers track sleep?

Activity trackers are not only designed to help you get fit, but help you sleep better too. They monitor how long you sleep and how often you move while sleeping. They feature accelerometers which detect movement and restlessness. Some even measure REM stages—how light or deep you sleep. This feature can be used to give insight into your sleep patterns, but if you have any concerns, you should follow up with a physician or sleep specialist.

Can a fitness tracker be used without a smartphone?

Yes you can use your fitness tracker without being connected to your smartphone. All your data and details will show up on the screen such as your steps, distance and heart rate, if applicable. All the information you need in real time will show on the screen, but if you want to see your past data, you can download the app on your laptop or tablet. If you have any questions on whether your devices are compatible with activity trackers, or want a device you can use without a smartphone, visit our friendly Associates in-store and they’ll find the perfect one for you.

What fitness trackers work with Weight Watchers® app?

Weight Watchers® app is compatible with Apple Health, as well as Jawbone, Fitbit®, Garmin, Withings and Misfit activity trackers.

What fitness trackers connect to Strava?

Smartwatches and activity trackers that are compatible with the Strava App include select Samsung TomTom, Fitbit®, Apple Watch, LG wearables and most Garmin watches.

What fitness trackers work with Samsung Health?

Currently, only Samsung smartwatches and wearables are compatible with Samsung Health.

What fitness trackers work with Apple Health?

Apple Watch and select devices from the following brands: Withings, Fitbit®, HUAWEI, Misfit and Jawbone.

What fitness trackers work with Fitbit® app?

The Fitbit® app works exclusively with Fitbit® activity trackers and smartwatches.

Do fitness trackers play music?

If you own an Apple Watch, you can stream music from your iPhone or other Apple devices. Some Android™ smartwatches let you play and store it. Select Garmin, Fitbit® and HUAWEI smartwatches have the ability to store music that you can play while you work out. If music is your motivation, and you’re looking for a smartwatch with this feature, stop by your local The Source store, and we’ll help find the right one for you.