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As gamers, we all crave that escape from reality where you can plant yourself on the couch, plug into your gaming console and transport yourself into another world; a place where you can do whatever you want to do and be whoever you want to be—a genetically modified Space Marine super-soldier by day and a butt-kicking, tomb-raiding heroine by night. The options are endless.

Sure in the past, with the right gaming system, HD graphics and a noise-cancelling headset, you could sort of feel like you were in the game. But, with PlayStation®VR, you can truly step into the gaming world and experience immersive gameplay like never before. Here’s a simple guide to the technology and everything you need to get started with Sony PlayStation®VR.

  • What is PlayStation®VR?

    PS VR is a virtual reality headset designed to work with your PlayStation®4. It connects to your console via an HDMI cord and features a 5.7-inch 1920 x RGB x 1080 resolution OLED display, 3D audio and an integrated mic. The PlayStation®VR blurs the line between reality and fiction with ultra-fast movement recognition (eighteen milliseconds), precision motion tracking delivering 360-degree play simulating depth and positional awareness, and such a comfortable, completely adjustable design, you will forget you’re even wearing the headset. You can even wear it with glasses.

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For those looking to step into the realm of virtual gaming, the PlayStation®VR is an affordable alternative compared to other VR headsets currently on the market like Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

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  • What you need to play PlayStation®VR?

    First things first, you will need a PS4® console in order to use your PS VR. You’ll also need Sony’s PlayStation®Camera, which goes hand-in-hand (no pun-intended) with the PlayStation®Move controllers to track the position of your hands so that you can pick up and play with virtual objects. You can use PlayStation®VR with just your DUALSHOCK® controller, too; however, you’re limited to only a handful of games. Let’s face it, pressing a button to engage your weapon during an epic battle scene, isn’t nearly as fun or climactic as using your hands to deliver that final, deadly blow to your enemy.

You’ll also want a quality pair of headphones to plug directly into your PS VR. The VR headset uses binaural 3D audio so you can experience sounds from all directions and distances, making your virtual reality experience that much more realistic. Most headphones with a 3.5mm input are compatible; unfortunately, wireless headphones are out of the question if you want to take advantage of PlayStation®VR’s 3D audio.

If you enjoy online gaming, an important thing to consider is the speed and quality of your internet to maximize your PlayStation®VR gaming experience. With Bell Fibe Internet, you can conquer levels at super-fast speeds of up to 50 Mbps and enjoy a powerful connection and reliable coverage no matter where you play in your house. Find out more here.

The Games

Now let’s get to the good stuff you’re dying to know about, the games! Sony released more than a dozen games at launch with a total of 50 titles expected in 2016. Currently the list of available games includes a range of genres to cater to every gamer’s desires—pedal to the medal racers, horrifying arcade shooters, head-to-head combat between lean-mean, athletic machines and more.

A few games on our faves list include:

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  • Batman: Arkham : Who hasn’t fantasized about becoming Gotham’s Dark Knight and saying in your best Christian Bale voice, “I am Batman.” Now you can put on the black cape and “the mask” for real and explore a new investigative side of Batman that’s more about making sense of clues and less about beating bad guys senseless.

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  • Until Dawn: Rush of Blood: You probably won’t sleep for months after playing the frightening themes this horror title has in store. Seven fear-filled levels are made up of your worst nightmares with enemies and monsters around every corner, each more horrifying than the last.

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  • EVE Valkyrie™: Galactic pirates in thrilling space combat death matches—this game was built for virtual reality. Explore the universe like never before with the ability to look over your shoulder to follow enemy ships as they zoom by and use your head to lock on targets and fire missiles. It’s immersive space dogfighting at its best!

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  • DRIVECLUB™: Buckle up for the most-realistic, high-octane ride of a lifetime! Get behind the wheel of the most powerful, high-end cars and truly feel the roar of the engine, the squeal of the tires and the screams from the crowd as you rip across the starting line. With a world of challenging tracks to explore and no fear holding you back, you’re guaranteed an action-packed thrill ride from start to finish.

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  • RIGS: Mechanized Combat League: Mechanized combat meets competitive sports in this PlayStation®VR exclusive. Prepare to face off against the best athletic fighting machines in gladiatorial death-matches and edge-of-your seat futuristic sports. Challenge your skills and climb up the ranks to unlock different RIGS and build the ultimate future sports league.

With an exciting list of games and the most immersive gameplay we’ve ever experienced on a gaming console, the PlayStation®VR is an affordable technology that’s finally making virtual reality gaming a reality for the masses. We can’t wait to see where Sony takes the PlayStation®VR from here.