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Play your way with Nintendo Switch™

The Nintendo Switch™ console has multiple ways to get you and your family playing together! You can connect it to your TV, play multiplayer games like Mario Kart or FIFA with the detachable Joy-Con™ controllers, set it up on a table top, or even send it outside with your kids for some sunshine and fresh air. Want a more portable gaming console that they can take on road trips, airplanes or to the cottage? The lighter, compact Nintendo Switch™ Lite console is ideal for handheld gaming on the go.

At home with your family

Make any night family game night with a Nintendo Switch™. Dock it to your TV and play fun video games like Mario Party, Super Smash Bros.™, FIFA and more. Watching something on TV? Your kids and their friends can still play their favourite games! Set the Nintendo Switch™ up on a tabletop to keep them entertained for hours. Some multiplayer games can be played by up to four people, so make sure to pick up a couple of extra Joy-Con™ controllers so everyone can join in on the fun.

On the go with friends

Embark on all-new adventures, beyond your front door! The Nintendo Switch™ can go outside with you on all your quests, and the Nintendo Switch™ Lite was designed to be your ultimate on-the-go gaming companion. You can meet up with your friends and battle it out on Super Smash Bros. ™, or complete your Pokédex and trade each other for more powerful Pokémon.

Play classic Nintendo® games

Did you grow up tossing bananas at Bowser in Mario Kart? Fire, water, or grass—which starting Pokémon did you choose? Has Zelda sent you on a quest for Hyrule’s Master Sword? The Nintendo Switch has the next generation of all your beloved childhood video games. Create an island paradise in Animal Crossing™: New Horizons, or play a round of Super Mario Party with your family! Check out our great selection of games and Nintendo Switch™ bundles, or purchase a digital download code that you can install right onto your Nintendo Switch™ console.

Nintendo Switch™ accessories

Make sure everyone can join the fun and pick up extra Joy-Con™ controllers! Since the Nintendo Switch™ is also a portable console, you should consider getting accessories that can keep your console safe from the bumps and scrapes of handheld adventuring. We have a large selection of accessories and controllers to help you get the most out of your Nintendo Switch™.

Where can I download Nintendo Switch™ games online?

At we have a selection of games that you can purchase online. You can order hard-copy versions and have them shipped to your home or visit us in-store, where one of our knowledgeable Associates can help you find the games you’re looking for.

If you want a digital download copy of the game, you can also purchase game codes at Once you buy your digital downloads, you will receive your purchased game codes in an e-mail. With those codes, you can download and install digital games right onto your Nintendo Switch™ or Nintendo Switch™ Lite and play them whenever, and wherever, you want!

Digitally downloaded games require available memory on your Nintendo Switch™ console. Both the Nintendo Switch™ and the Nintendo Switch™ Lite have 32GB of available memory to start. A portion of that memory is reserved for system operations. If you know you’ll be buying digital games, you should pick up a microSDHC or microSDXC card to expand your memory up to 2TB of extra space for your games.

Where is the Nintendo Switch™ microSD or memory card slot?

When inserting a microSD card into your Nintendo Switch™ console, make sure the console is turned OFF before you install the card.

The microSD slot on the Nintendo Switch™ can be found on the back of the console, hidden under the kickstand you use to play in tabletop mode. Access the slot by extending the kickstand, and then slide your memory card inside the slot until you hear a click. Once you’ve inserted your microSD card, you can close the kickstand and start playing!

The microSD slot on the Nintendo Switch™ Lite is located on the back of the console in the bottom left. There is a small flap you can slide down to open the microSD card slot. On the flap, there is a small icon that will show you the proper position that the microSD has to be in to be inserted. Slide your memory card inside the slot until you hear a click. Once you’ve inserted your microSD card, you can close the flap and restart your Nintendo Switch™ Lite to start playing.

How do I install a microSD card onto my Nintendo Switch™?

Once you insert your microSD card into your console, make sure you format the card to your Nintendo Switch device. It’s important to note that once you format the microSD card, all the data on the card will be erased, so make sure to backup any data that pre-exists on the card. To format your microSD card to your Nintendo Switch™, open your console’s System Settings and click System. From System, scroll down until you see Formatting Options. Then click Format microSD Card and Accept the terms—the microSD card will be wiped of data and formatted to your Nintendo Switch™.

Can the Nintendo Switch™ connect to TV?

Yes, the Nintendo Switch™ connects to your TV so you and your family can play games on the big screen!

Can the Nintendo Switch™ Lite connect to TV?

No, the Nintendo Switch™ Lite does not connect to your TV. The Nintendo Switch™ Lite offers a purely handheld gaming experience, and was designed for ultimate portability. It’s a nostalgic design, created to be this generation’s Nintendo® Game Boy.

Can the Nintendo Switch™ Lite play Nintendo Switch™ games?

Yes, but there are some Nintendo Switch™ games that the Nintendo Switch™ Lite may not be able to play. If a game is compatible with the Nintendo Switch™ Lite, the game’s packaging will feature a “Handheld mode” icon—an image that looks like the Nintendo Switch™ Lite.

Alternatively, if a game requires a controller to play, there are Joy-Con™ and other controllers that you can wirelessly connect to a Nintendo Switch™ Lite to play those games on this system. Compatible controllers vary depending on the game, so make sure you double-check the game’s compatibility before you purchase your controller.

Can you play 3DS or Wii games on Nintendo Switch™?

No, the Nintendo Switch™ does not have backwards compatibility or the physical slots to insert 3DS, Wii or any other previous Nintendo® platforms’ games.

Can Nintendo Switch™ connect to Bluetooth® headphones?

Yes, both consoles have Bluetooth® built in so you can wirelessly connect to compatible gaming headsets or headphones. The consoles also have a 3.5mm audio jack for compatible wired headphones.

Can Nintendo Switch™ play movies?

The Nintendo Switch™ is designed for gaming. You cannot play movies from a USB or other format. The only way to watch movies on the Nintendo Switch™ is to get Hulu from the Nintendo eShop.

Which Nintendo Switch™ should I buy?

The biggest difference between a Nintendo Switch™ and Nintendo Switch™ Lite, is that the Nintendo Switch™ is versatile with more modes to explore and play with, whereas the Nintendo Switch™ Lite can only be played in handheld mode or tabletop mode with compatible controllers.

The Nintendo Switch™ is perfect for families that have multiple children. The console is great for all ages, young and old, and the detachable Joy-Con™ controllers get everyone in on the action! The console can connect to your TV for a big-screen gaming experience, or it can be played in tabletop or handheld mode when you want to watch a show but still keep your kids entertained in another room. If you’re looking for the full Nintendo Switch™ experience, the versatile console is what you should buy.

If you’re an on-the-go gamer that’s mindful of your spending, the Nintendo Switch Lite™ is ultra-portable and costs less than the Nintendo Switch™. The screen is more compact, so you can fit it into your bag on commutes, and the console still plays a good amount of the Nintendo Switch™ library of games. The Nintendo Switch™ might also be a good buy for parents with multiple children who want their own separate consoles. The Nintendo Switch Lite comes in a variety of fun colours—turquoise, coral, yellow and grey—so everyone can have their own, personal device!

Are Nintendo Switch™ and Nintendo Switch™ Lite compatible?

Yes! Both consoles can connect and play together, so you and your family can enjoy a co-operative gaming experience.

Can Nintendo Switch™ digital games be shared?

Nintendo Switch™ digital games and downloaded content can be installed on multiple consoles, but not across multiple accounts. Digital games and downloaded content are locked to the Nintendo® account it was purchased under. When you first connect to the Nintendo eShop, the Nintendo Switch™ and Nintendo® account you access it with will automatically become your primary console and linked account. Any other devices you wish to play your digital games on must be signed in under the same account and have access to the Internet.