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Setting up your home theatre properly is the best way to ensure your TV viewing and sound experience is exactly what you want–a movie theatre in the comfort of your home. While your TV already has built-in speakers, a proper sound system and soundbar will take your big screen TV to a whole new level.


There are many options available that include everything you need to build your home theatre in one convenient package, known as a ‘Home Theatre in a box’ or if you prefer selecting individual pieces to customize your home theatre, here are the essential pieces you will need (this may vary, depending on your set up):

    • TV
    • Soundbar
    • Subwoofer
    • Speakers

    • Receiver
    • TV mount
    • Universal Remote
    • Cables, Connectors & Power Strips

Installing your home theatre properly is important in ensuring the best TV viewing experience. Before unpackaging or plugging anything in, you need to establish an optimal viewing location or as some refer to it “the best seat in the house.” Even if you have multiple seats, you should have one main spot that you can reference to ensure all speakers, screens and soundbars align to create a great viewing experience for everyone.


After establishing the best seat, you can then move on to arranging your speakers and soundbar. A quality soundbar can truly make a difference in the TV show or movie you are watching. They are easy to set up and often come with a subwoofer. Plus, they are and stylish and thinner than most speakers, allowing you to place yours close to the screen and enabling your sound and picture to work together to create the ultimate experience. You can browse our full selection of great soundbars here.

Before you begin setting up your speakers, you need to know what you have; how many channels (speakers) and how many subwoofers. Stereo systems come in a variety of combinations of channels and subwoofers. Arranged in a number format, remember that the first number is the number of channels, while the second is the number of subwoofers. While the most basic channel and subwoofer ratio is 2.0, the current standard for most home theatre systems is typically 5.1 or 7.1.

Naturally, we hear sounds from every direction simultaneously, so more speakers means you’re closer to recreating that superior listening experience you pay for at the theatre.

Choosing the locations for your speakers is easy; typically you will want to place them behind, beside or slightly above the seating. Tall speakers work best when placed beside the TV about halfway up the screen, to create the illusion that the sound is coming directly from the characters mouths on screen.


Once your home theatre equipment is physically set up, it’s time to play the configuration game. Simply plug in the receiver and hook up the subwoofer. Ideally, the subwoofer should be in the front of the room, about 8-12 inches away from the wall.

Most sound systems and TVs offer a configuration process so you can tailor your listening experience to you and your space. Accessing the sound configuration menu on your TV should be described in your system owner’s manual. From there just follow the prompts to get the sound just the way you like it.

It is worth noting that the right quality, length and type of cables can protect your electronics against accidental or natural damages. The length of cable is especially important, as a cable too short in length can cause straining which can result in a frayed or broken cable and can even pull your TV or speakers off their stand. Similarly, choosing the right power strip and surge protector is a good preventative measure to ensure your electronics are safe during a power outage or surge. If this occurs and your devices are plugged directly into an electrical socket, it can result in permanent and irreparable damages. In these cases, it is better to be safe than sorry. Check out our selection of cables, power surges and strips here.

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Setting up your home theatre doesn’t have to be complicated and finding the right speakers is often the best starting point. Check out our vast selection of home theatre equipment here and follow the above steps to ensure you have the most enjoyable and theatre-like experience possible. And don’t forget the popcorn!