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Selecting a new Smart TV can be an overwhelming decision. With a variety of features and setups, it can be difficult for you to choose the correct TV. That’s why we’ve put together a comprehensive guide to explain the various features and benefits you will want to be aware of while considering which Smart TV is right for you.

What is a Smart TV?

The best way to begin is to decide which features and benefits are available to you via a Smart TV. A Smart TV is able to connect to the Internet and has built-in web software, which allows you to access video and music streaming, games, apps and multiple personalization options. Smart TV technology provides you with the apps and utilities you love from your tablet, on a handsfree, convenient platform.



Why would you want a Smart TV?

Smart TVs have the advantage of being among the most user-friendly tech available at this time. Consumers already understand how to work a traditional TV with their remote and enhancing this experience with extra apps and functionality; it means that their favourite activity just got even better. Smart TVs are the balancing point between new-age and traditional technology; they enable users of all ages and skill levels to access the Internet and on-demand services extremely easily, with the added benefit of not having to squint to see the screen.



Buying Smart

Before taking home a Smart TV, there are a few things you should know:


  • Get to know the interface. Every manufacturer and every model can have a different user interface and it is important to find the right one for you
  • Menu style: Does it suit you? It’s important to feel comfortable navigating the various menus or you will be less likely to experience all of your TV’s features
  • App selection: Will it meet your usage style? If you want a unit that will replace your tablet, ensure the TV has the apps you use regularly
  • The remote: Smart TV remotes also offer a wide range of functions and formats that need to be considered. If you love the TV and interface but you dislike the remote, there may be a better option; find the right remote for you among our selection of universal and replacement remotes, here.
  • Also, keep in mind that Smart TVs require an Internet connection and you will want to ensure that your broadband services match your usage style in terms of bandwidth and speeds.
  • 4K TVs: Another important feature available on many Smart TVs, is the option for 4K screen resolution. 4K TVs offer 4x the resolution and provide a major improvement over a 1080p screen. For more information on 4K TVs, see here.


  • Once you have chosen your new Smart TV, enhance your Smart TV experience with Fibe TV - the best TV service. Fibe TV brings you the best picture quality available, the most-loved channels, easy recording of several shows at once and a unique combination of features that makes watching TV better such as the ability to restart shows in progress or from the past 30 hours, even if you forgot to record and the ability to move your TV where you want thanks to the wireless receiver. Find out more here.


So, if you want to upgrade your TV, consider choosing a Smart TV. It brings your favourite tech to the platform you’re most familiar with.

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