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Fitbit® Alta™, Flex 2™ or Charge HR™?

Buyer's Guide: How to pick the right Fitbit® for you.


By Kim MacMullen | April 27, 2017

Whether you’re taking the first steps on your fitness journey or you’ve been around the block a few times before, there’s a Fitbit® for you. So which Fitbit® tracker has the features and functions that will help you reach your fitness goals? Let’s find out.

  • Fitbit® Flex 2™

    Top features: Swim-proof, sleek and subtle design
    Who’s it for? Swimmers, fashion-conscious fitness enthusiasts

    Sweet and simple, the Fitbit® Flex 2™ is slim and swim-proof, with a subtle design that blends into any outfit. It tracks your steps, distance, calories burned and sleep, giving you a clear picture of how active you are through the day. Unlike many fitness trackers, the Flex 2™ is water-resistant, making it the perfect companion for swimming laps or running on a rainy day. And if you spend a little too much time at your desk or on the couch, your Flex 2™ will buzz to let you know it’s time to get up and move. Plus, the colour-coded LED lights show your progress through the day, and will alert you when you have a call or text message.

So who is the Flex 2™ for? Anyone who wants a high-level picture of their activity level, including water sports, coupled with a sleek design that doesn’t draw too much attention. And if you want to change up the look of your Flex 2™, there are replacement bands available in a wide range of colours, plus bangles and pendants that let you wear your Fitbit® like a bracelet or a necklace rather than a sport band.

  • Fitbit® Alta™

    Top features: Slim band, customizable display
    Who’s it for? Fitbit® wearers who want a screen to track their activity

    If you want a screen on your activity tracker but still prefer a sleek profile, the Fitbit® Alta™ is your best bet. With just a tap, the slim OLED display shows your daily stats, smartphone notifications and the time, with several clock face designs to choose from so you can customize your Alta™ to suit your style.

The Alta™ tracks an impressive array of your stats, including steps, distance, calories burned, active minutes, hourly activity and stationary time, and, like the Flex 2™, it reminds you to move if you’ve been sitting still a little too long. It also tracks your sleep patterns so you can set up a better sleeping schedule, and the built-in silent alarms will help you get up and go in the morning. If you like to change up your look from day to day, you’ll want to stock up on replacement bands, available in a bunch of different colours and styles to choose from.

  • Fitbit® Charge 2™

    Top features: Heart rate tracking, large OLED display
    Who’s it for? Fitness fans who want to track their heart rate right on their wrist

    Looking to track more than just steps and sleep? The Fitbit® Charge 2™ has you covered. The built-in continuous heart rate monitor is a fitness game changer, tracking how your heart rate varies through the day and night so you can optimize your workouts and reach your weight goals.

Learning how your heart reacts to certain workouts lets you choose the right exercises to achieve any goal, and keeping an eye on how your resting heart rate changes over time is a great way to see how far you’ve come on your path to fitness. And if you’re feeling a little stressed out, the guided breathing sessions based on your heart rate help to create a little calm in your busy days. All of your stats are easy to read on the large OLED screen, and navigation is simple thanks to the tap controls. And between the connected GPS, reminders to move, and the call, text and calendar alerts, the Charge HR™ really does have all your needs covered. And the cherry on the Charge HR™ sundae: the band itself is interchangeable, so you can change colours as often as you change your outfits.

  • Fitbit® Alta HR™

    Top features: Slimmest Fitbit® tracker with built-in heart rate monitoring
    Who’s it for? Anyone who wants a heart rate tracker with a sleeker, slimmer design

    The all-new Fitbit® Alta HR™ takes everything you love about the Alta™ and Charge 2™ and combines them into the slimmest Fitbit® heart rate tracker yet. It’s the perfect fit if you’re looking to step up your workouts with advanced stats and heart rate zones, and gives you a great overview of how you’re progressing on your path to fitness thanks to the resting heart rate tracking and everyday goal monitoring.

Like the Alta™, it also gives you the nudge you need to get moving with reminders that help you meet hourly step goals, and the customizable display shows call, text and calendar alerts so you don’t miss a message when you’re working up a sweat. Like most other Fitbit® trackers, the Alta HR™ also lets you match your tracker to your style with replacement bands in styles and colours to go with any outfit, from your workout gear to work attire.

  • Fitbit® Blaze™

    Top features: Works like a fitness tracker, looks like a smart watch
    Who’s it for? Fitness buffs with an eye for style

    If you’re having trouble choosing between a smart watch and a fitness tracker, the Fitbit® Blaze™ is the perfect solution. Designed to go from work to working out, this sleek and stylish tracker blends good looks with the great features you need to take your workouts to the next level. Its large, colour touchscreen displays your stats and notifications beautifully, and makes it easy to follow the step-by-step on-screen workouts from Fitstar without reaching for your phone.

Your Blaze™ will also automatically track your exercises via its SmartTrack feature so you don’t have to log it manually every time you hit the gym, slopes, trails or track. The Blaze™ also has all-day PurePulse™ heart rate monitoring, smartphone notifications, music controls, multi-sport tracking and workout summaries, making it smarter than the average watch AND activity tracker–and making your active life so much easier to monitor. Plus, you can really make it your own with replacement bands available in several styles and colours, like leather for a more formal look and nylon for casual wear.

  • Fitbit® Surge™

    Top features: Advanced tracking; rugged, sweat-proof design
    Who’s it for? Serious fitness fans who want in-depth tracking and a rugged band

    Serious fitness buffs will love the Fitbit® Surge™. It tracks just about everything relating to your workouts and daily activity, giving you a complete picture of your active life and fitness goals.

It’s easy to see your progress and set new goals thanks to the built-in GPS tracker, which lets you review your routes and see your total distance, split times, elevation and pace–and, just like the Fitbit® Blaze™, the Surge™ has SportTrack and multi-sport tracking so you don’t miss a minute of your wide range of workouts. It also tracks your general activity, like the usual steps, distance and active minutes, plus more advanced stats like floors climbed, hourly activity and stationary time. And the built-in 24/7 heart rate tracking lets you keep an eye on your resting heart rate and also exercise more efficiently by keeping your workouts in target zones designed to meet specific fitness goals. Plus, the rugged, sweat-proof band is tough enough to keep up with your most intense workouts.

  • Fitbit Aria® Wi-Fi Smart Scale

    Top features: Syncs your stats to your Fitbit® dashboard, sleek design
    Who’s it for? Anyone who wants a 360-degree picture of their progress and health

    Now that you’ve picked the perfect tracker, get the full picture of your overall progress with the Fitbit Aria® Wi-Fi Smart Scale. It measures your weight, Body Mass Index (BMI), lean body mass and body fat percentage, and connects to your Fitbit® App dashboard via your home’s Wi-Fi network so you can track all your trends in easy-to-read charts and graphs right on your smartphone or computer.

The Aria® Smart Scale can track up to eight profiles so your whole household can keep tabs on their goals, but recognizes who you are as soon as you step on it, so your info stays private. It also comes in white or black, and its subtle, sleek design fits into any home’s décor.