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As we close a chapter to another year, we welcome the next with open arms, feeling a sense of renewal and hope at another chance to conquer the unfilled resolutions of year’s past. Full of good intentions, we set out and join our local gym to shed a few pounds, we stock up on nicotine patches and packs of gum to help us curb our bad cravings, and we diligently cut back on coffee runs and dinners out to help increase our savings. However; somewhere right around the 4-8 week mark, many of us, for whatever reason, just give up, trying to convince ourselves we’ve done the best we could and vow to do better next year. But what if this year you could be among the 8 percent who actually fulfill their New Year’s resolutions? Here are some great tech solutions to show you how.

Lose Weight and Get Fit

Getting fit and losing weight pops up on almost everyone’s New Year’s resolution list each January. While it’s probably the most common resolution we end up making, it’s also the one we commonly end up breaking. But with the help of wearable fitness trackers and a killer playlist, getting fit has never been easier or more fun.


Whether you strap it to your wrist or wear it around your neck, fitness trackers like the Fitbit Flex 2™ will keep you on the right path with automatic all-day activity tracking (steps, distance and calories burned) and sleep monitoring. There are even handy reminders to get you up and moving when you’ve been couching it for too long. You can also set goals and micro challenges to help slowly push you to a healthier more active lifestyle.

There are tons of coordinating accessories to style and customize your tracker, too. The Fitbit Alta is the perfect example of how fitness can be fashionable with a variety of metal, leather and classic bands to choose from and watch styles that help you accessorize your fitness tracker for any occasion, so you can stay on top of your progress anytime, anywhere. No excuses!

And if you’re ever looking for some extra motivation, adding an online social aspect to your workout regimen introduces you to an entire support network and some friendly competition to really push and motivate you. Plus you can earn badges every time you crush a goal and work your way to the top of the leaderboard.

Throw in a rocking pair of sport headphones into your workout mix like the Jabra® Sport Pulse™ and you’re armed and ready to do battle with the bulge.

Quit Smoking

While you’re kicking those extra holiday pounds in the butt, it only makes sense to put out the butt, too. A big step towards a better body in the New Year is breaking those bad, unhealthy habits like smoking.

A fitness band can not only help you to be more active, but it can also help you stay on target while you quit. Research has shown that smoking can send your heart rate and blood pressure skyrocketing! Styles with built-in heart-rate monitors like the Fitbit Charge 2™ allow you to track your daily heart rate and see how your vitals improve over time.

There are also a variety of smartphone apps aimed at helping you quit smoking, including Quit Now! And Smoke Free. Apps like these provide you with inspirational stats to help you stay the course, such as how long you have gone without a cigarette, the number of hours added to your life and even how much money you’ve saved since quitting.


Save Money

After the sparkly dust of the holidays has settled and the bank account statement rolls in, many of us vow to save more and spend less in the New Year. By simply cutting back on some costs around the home i.e. energy, you can enjoy a significant savings throughout the year.

On average, Canadians spend about $300-million a year just on light bulbs, reported the Globe and Mail. And how many people does it take to change all those light bulbs? I don’t even want to do the math! Thankfully, Illuminex has a variety of Energy Star LED light bulbs that can beautifully brighten up any space with up to 35,000-50,000 hours of bulb life. Not only that, but a single LED bulb is equivalent to as many as 22 conventional bulbs.


With the mydlink Wi-Fi Smart Plug, you can control your connected home devices from anywhere. So, if you’re away from home and forget to turn off the TV or the lights, you can instantly and conveniently do it from your smartphone or tablet. The Smart Plug even contains a thermal sensor that will shut off a device if the plug starts to overheat. Plus you can keep a close eye on your energy consumption and see how you’re saving.

Spend More Time with Loved Ones

There is no denying there are instances where technology can become distracting during family time, i.e. texting during dinner or scrolling through Facebook while your significant other is trying to talk to you. But there are actually ways that tech can bring you and your family closer together.

Back in the day, families spending time together was a nightly thing. Everyone would gather around the radio and listen intently to their favourite shows. You can bring back that good ole family entertainment night by turning it into a modern day movie night ritual. Bell Fibe TV On Demand lets you watch the latest blockbusters and catch up on a variety of hit TV series. To make it an even cozier experience, toss a bunch of pillows and blankets on the floor and snuggle up. And in the summertime, get out the projector and a white sheet and head out to the backyard for a fun cinematic camp out.

And for all those times when you can’t be with your loved ones, a quick video call on your phone or tablet via Skype or Facetime can help you feel totally connected even if you’re worlds apart.


Keep in mind one gadget isn’t going to automatically make you lose weight or quit smoking, you have to want to make those changes for yourself and stay dedicated to seeing those goals through. The beauty of these devices is that they’re designed to help you succeed by giving you that extra push or incentive you need to stay on track. With the right tech by your side and a bit of will power, there’s no telling what you can accomplish!

Wishing everyone a happy and healthy New Year!