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When it comes to buying or upgrading a tablet, laptop or desktop computer before heading back to class, there are a lot of different factors to consider. And we aren’t just talking about silver versus black. First and most importantly, is whether or not your current device is actually providing the kind of user experience you need. If it is, you can upgrade. If it isn’t, you may want to consider changing platforms. So, let’s take a look at the key advantages of laptops, tablets and desktop computers.


While tablets are relatively new to the computing landscape, they have become popular among students as much for their form as for their function. Some of a tablet’s greatest benefits are:


While tablets are becoming more popular, no school common area would be complete without the glow of dozens of laptops. Some of the most compelling reasons to choose a laptop are:

  • While somewhat heavier and larger than a tablet, most laptops will still fit comfortably into a backpack or purse (Shop for laptop bags.)
  • Laptops use the same components as a tablet, however the added size makes them more powerful (Shop for laptops.)
  • Integrated keyboards make note-taking simple
  • You can open multiple windows from multiple applications for seamless migration


There was a time when desktops were the strongest player on the laptop vs. desktop field. While laptops are currently winning the popularity contest, desktops are still the most valuable player if you’re looking to get optimal power, capability and functionality from your system. So, gamers and programmers, read on.

  • More powerful than any laptop or tablet on the market (Shop for desktop computers.)
  • Upgrading means buying new pieces, not a new computer
  • Larger screens make for a more engaging experience for gamers and designers (Shop for gaming desktops.)
  • Easy to maintain

There are advantages and disadvantages to each option in the tablet vs. laptop vs. desktop debate. What it boils down to is what you intend to use it for.

If you’re a gamer or graphic designer, we’d highly recommend you think desktop. If you’re looking for a system that is tried and tested for students, then laptop is the strongest contender. If you’re a media buff that values convenience, then a tablet or a laptop/tablet hybrid is the obvious choice.

It is easy to be swayed by a salesperson, a sleek design or your favourite colour ¬– we understand. But buying a laptop (or tablet or desktop) for school can make or break your year. Make sure you get the right balance of what you want for after class, and what you need for in class.