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Create the ultimate gaming setup

PlayStation®, Xbox, Nintendo® or PC–no matter what type of gamer you are, the right tech and setup can help take your gaming to the next level. At The Source, we have everything you need to upgrade your gear and power up your skills–from top-brand gaming accessories and chairs to the latest games and consoles.

Level up your game room

Everyone starts their adventure at level one. Once you choose your console or PC, your next quest is to find the right gear to help you on your path to becoming a legendary gamer.

If you’re a console gamer, you should equip a controller and gaming headset with the latest features. We have an incredible selection of colours, styles and special editions to choose from, from top brands like Xbox, PlayStation®, Nintendo Switch, HyperX and Turtle Beach. We also offer charging docks, controller attachments that unlock new abilities and more gaming accessories. If you want to fully immerse yourself in the action, you should also grab a gaming chair, big-screen TV and soundbar to complete your setup.

For PC gamers, having the right accessories can improve your speed, accuracy and overall experience. Look for a gaming mouse and keyboard that are designed to enhance your gaming–some come with customizable controls for quick access to your most-used skills and settings. Don’t forget to pick up a mouse pad so your mouse has a smooth, stable surface for aiming and scrolling. Level up on the go with a gaming laptop and pick up a gaming headset to communicate and coordinate with your team online. Plus, grab a gaming monitor to enhance your graphics or add an additional screen for deeper immersion. Lastly, a proper gaming chair will help you stay comfortable if you’re gaming for longer periods of time.

The latest in gaming

The next generation of gaming is here. PS5 and Xbox Series X have launched, with a whole new era of games and next-level graphics that require a lot of processing power. Make sure you have the latest accessories and Internet connection to unlock your console’s full potential. Visit us in-store at The Source and our Associates will help you get the Internet you need to support digital downloads, stream gameplay and crush your online competition.

Gifts for gamers

Be their hero and get them an epic gift to level them up! Whether it’s for their birthday, special occasions or the holidays, we have an incredible selection of games and systems to choose from. Are they feeling nostalgic? Help them relive their glory days with our retro gaming selection! Ready to embark on a new adventure? We have the latest games that you can pre-order or buy for them as a hard copy or digital download. Are they a gamer that has everything? Upgrade their gear with top-brand gaming accessories, like controllers, headsets and more. Visit us in-store and one of our Associates will help you find the perfect gift for your gamer.