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Bell SmartPay

Get any smartphone for $0 down at any time*

Pay for the smartphone in 24 monthly payments with 0%  Annual Percentage Rate.*

After 24 months, your smartphone is paid off and your monthly bill decreases

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Yes, Bell SmartPay is available with all our smartphones. Visit The Source to learn more about Bell SmartPay pricing for each device.
Yes, select tablets and smartwatches are also available with Bell SmartPay. Qualified customers can activate multiple devices using Bell SmartPay.
Yes. If you have purchased your smartphone with Bell SmartPay you can also add Smart Phone Care to your plan. We highly suggest considering Smart Phone Care since it is the best way to have your smartphone protected.
No. Taxes on the financed device amount are payable with your monthly device payments.
After 24 months, your smartphone will be paid off, therefore you will no longer have monthly payments. As of month 25, you will only be charged the cost of your monthly rate plan.
You will be required to pay your remaining device balance immediately plus applicable tax and any outstanding service charges that you have incurred. In addition, you may be subject to an early cancellation fee for your service agreement.
Yes, the Device Return Option can be combined with Bell SmartPay.
Step 1: Pick one of our eligible smartphones.
Step 2: Activate on an eligible 2-year plan with Bell SmartPay.
Step 3: Return your smartphone in good working condition at the end of your 2-year term, or keep it and pay back the Device Return Option deferral amount you saved.
You will be able to pair your Bell SmartPay smartphone with the majority of our Unlimited Data and Connect Everything plans. A few select plans may be excluded.
If you end your rate plan early or change your rate plan to a non-eligible rate plan, you will have to pay an early cancellation fee for ending your services and your remaining device payments from your Bell SmartPay agreement will become due immediately.
Yes. After one month of your Bell SmartPay agreement, if you are eligible for a device upgrade, you can activate any new smartphone with Bell SmartPay.
Yes. Any additional users to the account can activate a smartphone with Bell SmartPay on eligible 2 year rate plans.
Yes. You can share data across existing devices by activating on a Connect Everything plan.
Yes, at any time you may pay your device in full with a one-time payment, ending your device financing arrangement.