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Virgin Plus Sweet Pay


The simple way Members get a new smartphone or tablet. Sweet Pay™ gets Members a new device for as low as $0 down with a 24-month agreement. Members then pay off the retail price of their device plus tax over 24 months with 0% interest (APR). While many devices will not require a down payment, some higher end devices may require one.
New Members pending credit approval process. Existing Members with accounts in good standing.
You can upgrade to a new phone on Sweet Pay.

For many devices, the retail price of the device plus tax will be paid over 24 months with 0% interest (APR), and you will not have to pay anything upfront at the time of purchase.

However, some higher-end devices require a down payment. If your new device does, then you need to pay it at the time of purchase, as well as taxes on the down payment.

After 24 months, the monthly device payment drops off and you only pay for the monthly rate plan along with any other services, plus tax.

Taxes are charged on the retail price of the device and paid off in equal monthly payments over 24 months.

If there is a required down payment, taxes payable on the down payment will be due at time of purchase. The remaining taxes will be paid off in equal monthly payments over 24 months.

You will be able to pair your Sweet Pay device with all Data, Talk & Text plans. Select phones may also be available on Talk & Text Plans.
You can take advantage of the Trade-In Certificate Program and Sweet Pay at the same time.
If you purchase your device with Sweet Pay, you can also add SmartCare to your plan. SmartCare gives you peace of mind knowing your phone will be protected for problems beyond manufacturer's warranty, and if lost or stolen. A device replaced through SmartCare does not impact your agreement term or monthly device payment.
Members can arrange to make a lump sum payment of their Sweet Pay smartphone balance at any time. After the Sweet Pay balance is paid, the Member may cancel or migrate their rate plan at any time.
You will be required to pay your remaining device payments immediately plus applicable tax and any outstanding service charges that you have incurred. In addition, you may be subject to an early cancellation fee for your Membership agreement. If you received an agreement credit at the time of activation, you will be charged a prorated amount of the credit for the remaining months left in your Membership agreement.