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The Source (Bell) Electronics Inc. (The Source) is committed to fulfilling the requirements set out in the Ontario government’s regulation 429/07 made under the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act 2005. These policies and procedures apply to all goods and services that are delivered by The Source, by any means including in person, by telephone, electronically, by mail, visually, orally or by written means.


This procedure applies to all associates, customers as well as anyone dealing with the public or other third parties on behalf of The Source. 


The following methods of providing feedback to The Source on the provisions of goods and services to people with disabilities are available:
Telephone: 1-866-515-5855 – customer service
Fax: 1-866-384-3418
In Person/Letter: 
The Source (Bell) Electronics Inc.
279 Bayview Drive
Barrie, Ontario 
L4M 4W5


At The Source, every associate and customer that provides feedback receives a response. The Customer Service Department at The Source's Store Support Centre is dedicated to responding to all inquiries, as quickly as possible. The Customer Service Department will respond within ten business days either in writing, in person, by e-mail or telephone acknowledging receipt of feedback and will set out the action(s) that may be taken in response to any complaints. All customers’ feedback will be logged and tracked to ensure quality response and resolution, including the actions that were taken.


The Source will not disclose personal information for any purpose other than those required to address feedback and inquiries related to the customer service feedback form.