We're sorry, this item is no longer available.

We're sorry, this item is no longer available.


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With the DGTCT02 Cable Tester with AAA Battery from Digiwave users can detect DC continuity or shorts with a loud tone and an easy to read LED display. It can be used to identify and trace individual cables when multiple cables are present. The cable installer uses the Digiwave DGTCT02 to place a DC current through one end of the desired cable and identifies the cable at the other end with the removable tone device. Simply unscrew the tone detector, attach the push-on fitting to the end of a coaxial cable, and touch the tone detector to each of the cables, when the correct cable from the transmitter location is found, the tone will sound.

Cable Tester Features
  • Easy to Hold, Rugged Anodized Brass Body
  • Right Angled Male Push-On Connectors for Fast Use
  • LED Display
  • Includes 1x AAA Battery
This hand-held Digiwave DGTCT02 Cable Tester with AAA Battery device is a great tool for you to have! Check out our entire collection of tools and supplies available online at thesource.ca.

Manufacturer’s Part Number:
Product Warranty:
12 months

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