Headphones for work

Features to look for:



Long battery life/
charging case

Easy on-ear

Noise cancelling/
ambient mode

Working from home

Stay connected to work and family. Look for headphones with easy-to-access controls, voice assistance and ambient mode–features that can help you multitask even when your whole family is home.

Collaborating in a
shared space

Stay focused and easily switch between conference calls and collaborating. Look for headphones with noise cancellation, long battery life and reliable connectivity to help you stay in the zone.

Creating with sound

Stay immersed in rich, dimensional sound. If you work with audio, look for headphones that have high-quality sound and noise cancellation, so you can fine-tune your work.

Headphones for active lifestyles

Features to look for:


Sweat- and

Long battery life/
charging case



Intense workouts

Powerful and secure. Look for headphones that are sweat resistant and have secure earhooks so you can push your limits while you run, bike and do interval training.

Yoga and hiking

Flexible and durable. If you like yoga, jogging or virtual workouts, look for headphones that are wireless, have a long battery life and ambient mode.

Gym workouts

Premium and comfortable. Take your workout routine to the next level with easy-to-access controls and ambient mode so you can effortlessly switch between songs, spotting and sets.

Headphones for every day

Features to look for:


Noise cancelling/
ambient mode

Easy on-ear

Long battery life/
charging case

Casual listening

Whether you like to listen to podcasts while you work or take hands-free calls on the go, look for headphones that have long battery life and easy on-ear controls to get you through your day.

Music lovers

Premium features. Superior sound. Stay immersed in your favourite tunes with high-quality headphones that have customizable settings, premium sound and noise cancellation.

On tune and on trend

We have a great selection of colours and styles to elevate your listening. Stream music to your very own pair of stylish Bluetooth® sunglasses, or stand out in the crowd with an iconic pair of headphones.


You'll need headphones that either have an in-line or built-in microphone. If it's built-in, you'll need to connect to your phone through Bluetooth® to hear calls on your headphones.

Normally, you can be about 6-10 feet away from your device. This distance may vary depending on both your device and headphones individual Bluetooth® features and other factors.

Gaming headset compatibility varies between every headset. Some gaming headsets use a 3.5mm audio jack to plug into compatible ports, and, if you use a Y-splitter, these headsets will be compatible with most consoles and PCs. Other headsets are wireless, and can either come with a USB dongle that plugs into your console or PC's USB port, or the headset could have a built-in propriety chip that creates a direct connection with the console–no dongle required. To find out if your gaming headset can work with your console or PC, take a look at the headset's features and specifications, or ask one of our knowledgable in-store Associates to help you find the right one.

2 FREE replacements of your headphones.* Conditions apply.

Battery life depends on the brand and model. Most models hold a charge for 5+ hours. If a charging case is included, it can extend your battery life by providing an extra charge while you're on the go.

Wireless headphones can connect to Bluetooth®-enabled devices such as your phone, laptop, tablet and smartwatch.

Press and hold the Bluetooth® or pairing button on your headphones. Ensure Bluetooth® has been turned on from your phone or other device. You'll see your headphones pop up under new or avilable devices on your phone. Select them to connect, and follow pairing and set-up instructions. Some headphones may have a unique pairing process–in that case, please refer to the product's instruction manual.

Airpods work best with Apple devices in order to enable full functionality. Please check the specifications of the headphones you are purchasing.

Headphones can only be returned unopened and sealed (with the exception of HeadRush), within 30 days of purchase. https://www.thesource.ca/en-ca/returnsExchanges

Yes! You can price match the same model, colour, etc. per our price match policy, excluding Door Crashers, etc.

For hygienic reasons, we do not allow returns for opened headphones.

Unopened Apple/Beats products can be returned to The Source within 30 days. Once opened, Apple assumes the Customer relationship, offering end-to-end service and support. From the time of your purchase, warranty and service of your new Apple or Beats product will be handled solely by Apple Inc. at 1-800-275-2273.

Include a tethered connection between your headphones and your device that is required to be plugged in to hear calls, music, and content.


Do not require a tethered connection from your headphones to your device. They connect through Bluetooth® technology so you can move freely without remaining physically connected to your phone. A wired connection will remain between the right and left headphones.

Truly Wireless

No tethered connection to the individual earpieces or your devices. They connect directly by Bluetooth® set-up and allow for a wireless free experience.

Over ear

Ergonomically designed to cover your ears to maximize sound quality and minimize external noise leaking through any gaps in your headphone placement. This allows sound to reverberate off the inside walls of the headphones for a fuller sound.

On ear

Ear cups sit on top of your ear and are known to offer a natural sound while listening to music or taking calls. The gaps in on-ear placement allow for environmental sounds to register.

Secure ear hooks

Added pieces that loop around your ear and fit snuggly in your exterior auditory canal for added support and stability.

Easy on
ear controls

Trackpads added to the outside of each earphone or headphone that allows you to access various controls outside of an app. Popular controls are volume adjustments, music or call controls, and adjustments in noise-cancelling or ambient mode features.

Voice assistance

With a Bluetooth® connection to your phone, you can speak into the microphone on your headphones to pull up compatible voice assistance technology such as Google, Siri, and Alexa. It will then leverage your phone to pull up information and feed answers back to your headphones.

Noise cancelling

Technology that enables external sounds and environmental noises to be significantly diminished so you can enjoy a listening experience, or call distraction-free.

Ambient Mode/

Settings that allow you to modify the amount of external sounds that filter through your headphones. This allows you to adjust based on your preference without leaving you removed from your environment.

Sweat- and

Designed to withstand sweat and light water. Do not submerge or use in heavy rain.


An IPX7 waterproof rating lets you use these headphones in all weather conditions–you can even take them underwater but note that your Bluetooth® connection will not work underwater so only models with a built-in MP3 player allow you to listen to music while swimming.

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