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Networking essentials

Mesh Wi-Fi

Bring your best Wi-Fi speeds and a full-strength signal to every corner of your home

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Range extenders

Easily extend your Wi-Fi or add an ultra-fast network connection to any room

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Choose from many sizes and types, from no frills to cutting-edge technology.

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Fast Internet

Enjoy reliable Wi-Fi throughout your home with fast, fibre-powered Internet

Available to residential customers in Ontario, Quebec, Manitoba and Atlantic provinces where access/technology permit.

Networking questions and tips

  • How can I eliminate Wi-Fi "dead spots" throughout my home?

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    For whole home or office Wi-Fi coverage, you should consider upgrading to a mesh network setup. Mesh Wi-Fi connects two or more mini routers or pods that communicate directly with your main router to create a strong and seamless wireless signal throughout your home. They’re easy to install—some simply plug into a wall outlet—or you can get mesh devices that are stand-alone plug-and-play units.
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  • How do I extend the reach of my Wi-Fi?

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    Want to stream music outside while you garden or barbeque? Do your kids have their gaming setup in the basement? Does a Wi-Fi dead zone haunt your living room? A Wi-Fi extender is an ideal, inexpensive way to easily extend the range of your existing signal to reach any dead zones in your home.
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  • How do I add more wired devices to my network?

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    Looking for alternatives to add more tech to your network? Hubs provide a central connection point for multiple devices in a network, while a switch connects various devices together on a computer network, serving as a data link. They’re ideal for connecting multiple wired devices to your network.
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  • How can I connect my computer to my wireless network if it doesn’t have a built-in adapter?

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    Some computers or laptops may require an external wireless adapter to connect to Wi-Fi. A wireless adapter simply plugs into your laptop or desktop computer’s USB port to connect to a wireless network.
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  • How can I upgrade to wireless and achieve faster speeds?

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    A router is the gatekeeper to your wireless connection, transforming your Internet connection from wired to wireless. But, the more devices you add to your Wi-Fi, the weaker your signal will become. You can achieve faster speeds by upgrading your router—but how do you know which one is right for the speed you need?

    Single-band routers offer a single band of 2.4GHz and are the most basic, entry-level routers. They’re more affordable, compatible with most devices, and the lower frequency is better at moving through walls, doors and more. If you mainly use your laptop for e-mail or casual browsing, a single-band router is enough to support your wireless needs.
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    Dual-band routers provide two separate frequencies—a 2.4GHz band and a 5GHz band. The 2.4GHz is a lower frequency that’s compatible with most devices, and the 5GHz band is a higher frequency that’s designed for achieving speeds that newer tech can reach. If multiple family members or friends are on your network at once, a dual-band router can keep everyone connected at the same time by balancing more devices across both bands. A dual-band router is ideal for quick file transfers, video conferencing, 4K videos, HD streaming and gaming.
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    Tri-band routers have three bands to share heavier traffic, which makes them perfect for households or offices that have multiple people connecting simultaneously throughout the day. There’s one 2.4GHz band and two 5GHz bands—ideal for supporting triple the bandwidth and multiple devices without slowdown or interruption. A tri-band router will make your life easier if your family loves streaming Crave or Netflix, or if you have a gamer at home streaming their 4K-gaming marathons.
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  • How can I get networking speed, coverage and power all-in-one?

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    Whole Home Wi-Fi from Bell provides a complete solution for fast Wi-Fi throughout your home. Start with their powerful Home Hub, featuring the best Wi-Fi technology for fast speeds across your home, included with every Fibe Internet subscription, and then enhance your coverage with Bell’s Wi-Fi pods for wall-to-wall coverage in every room. Bell’s smart network continuously optimizes your devices’ connection based on usage using a combination of band-steering and channel-hopping technologies.

    Available to residential customers in Ontario and Quebec where access/technology permit.
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