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  • How to add a camera or automation device

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    Bell Smart Home gives you the foundation of a complete Smart Home. You can add a smart thermostat, smart lighting, video cameras, smart locks—the list keeps growing. Because everything runs on the Bell Smart Home system, you can control every device from a single app—giving you a true Smart Home that makes life safer, smarter and more efficient.

    You can customize your Bell Smart Home package with additional devices. Install your device and once completed, make sure you add the device to your Bell Smart Home system.

    The Add Device wizard in the Bell Smart Home app will walk you through the steps to connect your camera or home automation device to your home network and add the device to your Bell Smart Home service.

  • What to do during an outage-power, Internet or phone

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    What happens when the power goes out?
    If there’s a power outage, your system will continue to operate for up to 24 hours on backup battery. The alarms from your system will still be directly reported and actioned by Bell’s central monitoring station. Bell’s team will provide support via the two-way voice feature (where applicable) and dispatch the appropriate responses if needed. However, Bell Smart Home video devices will remain offline during an outage as they do not have a backup battery.

    What happens when the Internet goes out?
    The alarm portion of your security sensor does not rely on your home Internet and it will not be affected. If you have Bell Smart Home video devices, they will not be able to record events without the Internet. However, if you have a stream video recorder (SVR), the cameras set to record to the SVR will continue to record as long as both units are powered and are still connected to the local Wi-Fi network (assuming the router is still functional). You won't be able to view the footage from the SVR until the Internet is operational.

    What happens when the phone line goes down?
    If you're on our cellular-based system, you don't need to worry about phone line outages as the security system is not tied to it. If you're unsure whether you have a cellular-based system, please contact Bell.