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    Make e-learning fun and easy for the whole family with the right tech.

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  • How to rock conference calls from home

  • 1. A wireless charging pad makes it quick and easy to keep your phone charged between calls, so you never run low on battery.

    2. Smartphones with note-taking features and split-screen options can help you work efficiently, even when you step away from your laptop.

    3. Don’t have a webcam? Easily download video conferencing apps to your tablet, or cast your phone’s screen to your TV if you need to present.

    4. Noise canceling headphones help you focus on what’s important, while blocking out distractions.

    5. Full house? Make sure you have a strong enough Wi-Fi to support all your family’s devices, and a connection that won’t drop a call or slow you down when you’re downloading or working on documents.

  • How to stay productive while
    your kids are home

  • 1. Convertible laptops are light and flexible, allowing you to move around from room-to-room and still work efficiently–plus, you can easily switch between tablet and laptop mode!

    2. Headphones with noise canceling or ambient mode let you adjust the level of external sounds you hear through your buds, so you can stay focused on work but still listen for your kids.

    3. A kid-friendly tablet allows everyone to work efficiently! Get apps to keep them learning and inspired, so you can power through your own work without interruption.

    4. With the Google Hub Max, use your voice to find content, start trivia and play games, so you can ensure your kids stay entertained while you work.

    5. Office door closed? Set up smart devices like indoor or outdoor cameras so you can keep an eye on your kids and pets in the other room. Plus, get motion alerts sent straight to your phone if you’re waiting for an order to arrive to your front door.

  • Tech for your best at-home workouts

  • 1. A smartwatch will help you track your daily exercise and monitor your heart rate during workouts. Use that feedback to reach your peak performance!

    2. Look up at-home workouts on your tablet or Google Nest Hub Max for guidance and motivation.

    3. Cast your workouts from your tablet or phone to your TV for the perfect view as you move around the room.

    4. In the middle of a full-body workout? A smart speaker will make sure you have your favourite music playing with easy commands to change songs or set timers… all hands-free!

    5. Wireless earbuds free you from the distraction of wires, and let you move around as needed. They keep you connected to your music, and some even have voice commands so you can pause the song without pausing your workout.

  • How to make e-learning fun
    with help from your tech

  • 1. Chromebooks help your kids access their online classroom and easily navigate through their documents and learning tools.

    2. A kid-friendly tablet frees them to move around the house while playing and learning on educational apps, like Samsung Kids.

    3. A Google Mini or Nest Hub Max can be the perfect study buddy–pull up information from the internet, test multiplication and access Learn@Home features through YouTube!

    4. STEM products are great tools for learning science, technology, engineering and math in ways that are fun for the whole family!

  • 5 ways your Google Nest Hub Max
    can help with your new routine

  • 1. Depending on the time of day, schedule multiple devices to operate simultaneously by setting Morning, Worktime, Relaxation, and Bedtime routines. Simply use your voice to get it all started.

    2. Make announcements to all connected Google devices in your home and let your family know it’s dinner time, or turn up the music when work is done.

    3. Make meal time easy for everyone by pulling up new recipes with step-by-step directions.

    4. Connect to Fitbit to monitor and remind you of fitness goals.

    5. The days can fly by, so set reminders, create shopping lists, and set to-do’s so you have all the info stored in one place for easy reference.

  • 5 ways your tech can help you crush
    your health and fitness goals

  • 1. Set daily goals, so you can adjust your expectations based on your current activity level and what you want to achieve.

    2. Set reminders to schedule in workouts, daily runs and be held accountable to your hourly steps.

    3. Use the Fitbit app to challenge friends to weekly activity goals and cheer each other on!

    4. Explore virtual hike destinations to see how long it would take you to reach the peak, or bike around your favourite city.

    5. Use apps like Samsung Health to monitor your sleeping patterns and stress levels, and practice daily meditation and breathing exercises.

  • Tech out your long weekend

  • 1. Take your music outside, no matter what the weather brings with weather-resistant speakers

    2. Inspire your kids with STEM hands-on learning kits–learn how rollercoasters work and more!

    3. Challenge your friends and family to a virtual hike on your Fitbit app

    4. Treat your family to some homemade ice cream or cotton candy with help from your Nest Hub Max

    5. Extend your Wi-Fi connection to take your video calls and movie nights outside

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