• Smarter wearables

    Build healthy habits with an assist from your wrist—and your voice. Smartwatches and activity trackers have features that match your life and style. From setting fitness goals to advanced sleep tracking, you can find the perfect wellness partner for you. Plus, with built-in voice assistance, you can stay connected and crush your everyday hustle, hands-free.

  • Ears-free listening. Hands-free assistance.

    Take a look into the future of smart wearables with Bose Frames–sunglasses, with a soundtrack. Built-in speakers subtly direct sound at you, so you can privately listen to your music, take hands-free phone calls and access your voice assistant while you bask in the sun!

  • More power

    Your phone is your lifeline, and power is vital to staying connected to your every day. Now, you can do more than ever before with longer-lasting battery. Plus, with devices like the Samsung Galaxy Note10+, you can wirelessly Power Share™ with your Galaxy Buds, Galaxy Watch Active2 and other compatible devices to keep your tech fuelled up on-the-go!

  • More cameras

    Perspective is everything. Whether you’re snapping a selfie or capturing a breathtaking sight, you want a phone that enhances each moment. With more cameras, you can take wider, sharper shots, and with better cameras, you can zoom in on the action with incredible clarity.

Smart Home
  • Simple and seamless

    Add a screen to your smart home to simplify your control, and create one big, happy smart home. With smart home hubs, eliminate the hassle of multiple apps–easily unify and manage your smart home tech from a single dashboard. View recipes or stream video from your smart security camera. Check the status of connected devices and ask the built-in voice assistant to adjust the lighting, temperature, music and more.

  • Smart lighting

    Working late? Turn the porch light on with your phone, for when you get home. Kids forget to turn off the den lights? Rescue your energy bill, and ask your voice assistant to switch them off. With smart lighting, you can stay energy efficient and control your lights from anywhere, or set them on a schedule to turn your smart lighting into smart security.

  • Totally wireless workouts

    More than wireless–truly wireless. Totally wireless headphones have absolutely zero wires or cables connecting them, freeing you from tangles and distractions while you’re pushing the limits. Headphones, like the Powerbeats Pro Totally Wireless headphones, are designed to keep you motivated through your toughest workouts.

  • Voice control your playlist

    Sing along or switch the song, without skipping a beat. Headphones with built-in voice control let you adjust your music hands-free, so you can stay motivated with the vibes you love. Some headphones even let you access your voice assistant for on-the-go answers, notifications and hands-free help!

  • A new switch on an old idea

    Indulge your nostalgia–handheld gaming is back! Take your adventures outside with the Nintendo Switch™ Lite–an ultraportable gaming console that’s equipped for all your on-the-go quests. Its sleek, lightweight design makes it a perfect travel companion for your kids and long commutes. Play classic Nintendo™ titles, and discover some new favourites!

Home Entertainment
  • Voice-enabled entertainment

    Home theatre is evolving. Some TVs automatically detect and connect to your other tech, making setup easy and easily expandable. Smart soundbars have voice assistance built-in, so you can control your smart home from the comfort of your couch.


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