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It’s that time of year again, back-to-school! To make sure your kids are prepared for the new school year, equip them with reliable, up-to-date tech and accessories to keep them one step ahead of the class.




One of the most important tools your student needs is a high-quality, dependable laptop. This will serve as a notebook, library, networking tool, study guide and of course, a form of entertainment for those much needed study breaks.


When helping your student pick out a laptop, there are three main things to consider: battery life, storage and speed. Generally speaking, the longer the battery life, the better. It’s never good to get a low battery message in the middle of a lecture. More storage and faster speeds mean more room for research materials and faster results. Check out our selection of laptops here.



If extra storage for movies and music is important to your kid, consider buying them a portable hard drive. They store thousands of files and can be taken to class or left at their dorm.Click here to view our wide selection of portable hard drives.


There’s nothing worse than standing in line at the library, waiting for a printer. What better way to ensure punctual work than a printer of their own. Check out our large selection of printers, perfect for students. Wireless all-in-one printers are convenient and easy to use–saving your student time, money on print credits and trips to the library!



You never know when or where inspiration (or study-panic) will hit and headphones will help your student to block excess noise from busy places on campus, like cafeterias and study halls. There are endless styles and colours to choose from, along with options such as wireless, wired, in-ear, noise reducing and more, that will ensure you find the perfect pair for your student.


Along with headphones, you'll want to send your student back to school with a good wireless mouse. The right wireless mouse can make navigating around the computer a lot easier. Plus, they work on multiple surfaces and make the occasional gaming break much more fun.


Lastly, don’t forget a copy of Microsoft Office for your student's new PC. Many people are not aware that this essential software often must be purchased separately–even on new laptops. Get your copy of Microsoft Office here.

Don’t forget all the other great laptop accessories your studend might need, like laptop cases, spare chargers and Bluetooth® keyboards. We have everything they’ll need to make back-to-school fun and affordable.