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We're sorry, this item is no longer available.

Royal Sovereign RCD-2000-CA Counterfeit Detector

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The RCD-2000-CA 4-way counterfeit money detector from Royal Sovereign easily detects fake bills and ID. It has a magnetic sensor, micro-print magnifier, watermark verification window and ultraviolet bulbs that aid in counterfeit detection. Its compact, lightweight design makes it easily portable. It can detect fake Canadian or American currency.

  • Magnetic sensor finds magnetic ink on authentic bills
  • Ultraviolet bulbs find fluorescent markings
  • Watermark verification window finds the presence of watermarks on authentic bills or documents
  • Micro-print magnifier
  • Easily detects fake money and ID cards
This 4-way counterfeit money detector provides multiple levels of counterfeit detection. It's equipped with a magnifying lens for viewing micro-printed words on bills or documents, a watermark verification window, UV detection which checks for UV sensitive strips and a magnetic sensor that will detect the slight trace of iron in authentic US bills.

The RCD-2000-CA is ideal for businesses and organizations that are in a constant battle in avoiding counterfeit bills and identification. Backed by a 3-year manufacturer's warranty. Enhance your business with this and other unique electronics and gadgets.

Manufacturer’s Part Number:
Product Warranty:
12 months

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