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With The Source Battery Rebuild Program, you now have another option when you need to replace a spent rechargeable battery pack – have it rebuilt better than new. We can rebuild batteries for laptops, cordless tools, cordless phones, electric shavers, or whatever other electronic devices you need to keep charged up.

Features include:
  • More Power – rebuilt batteries have more power than the original
  • Costs Less – rebuilding a battery pack almost always costs less than purchasing a replacement
  • Environmentally Friendly – we re-use the original battery plastics and circuitry and recycle the old battery cells from inside

What is a battery rebuild?

Simply put, we open up a dead battery pack and replace all of the battery cells inside with new hi-capacity cells. We re-use the battery’s casing and any internal wiring and circuitry. The rebuilt battery will have more power than the original because we install hi-capacity replacement cells.

We’re your total battery solution

When you need to replace a “hard to find” battery pack – or just need a better performing battery – bring your old battery to any The Source store location.