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Signal Boosters - Boost your coverage area and get connected wherever or whenever you need to.

Even though you may have the latest electronics, if you’re situated in a weak signal area or a rural location, you’re signal level may be compromised, preventing you from getting the most out of your devices. Whether you’re looking for better communication from your cell phone, stronger wireless connection from your PC or higher definition from your HDTV, The Source has the right Signal Booster solution to enhance signal reception throughout your home or in your vehicle on the go.

What is a signal booster
A Signal Booster is a type of amplifier used to enhance signal strength across multiple applications, making it possible to use your favourite devices in areas with little to no reception.

If you’re constantly dropping calls or missing texts on your smartphone, or experiencing slow or interrupted computer networking, a Signal Booster can extend your call zone or network coverage by actively boosting the signal from your device, allowing for better communication with the radio tower from further distances. Similarly, if you’re experiencing poor picture quality from your television, an HDTV Signal Booster can increase signal reception to help give you that stunning high-definition picture your TV was meant for.

Signal Boosters come in a variety of types designed for different applications. These include desktop Signal Boosters that you mount outside your home or building, wireless amplifiers that you connect to a laptop USB port or to an AC/DC outlet, or universal units that you connect directly to your device.

Whether it’s getting better reception in a vehicle, at home, or at the cottage, with brands like Wi-Ex, Wilson and Hawking Technology, The Source has the Signal Booster you need to improve the overall performance of your devices.

  Signal Boosters  

Types of signal boosters
  • Cell and Tablet Signal Boosters for your home or office
  • Cell Phone Boosters for your car and boat
  • Amplify your entertainment with HDTV Signal Boosters
  • Extend your WiFi range with a WiFi Boosters

Benefits of using a signal booster
  Increases indoor signal coverage
  Maintain network integrity–Decrease dropped or missed calls
  Works with all major carriers
  Extends phone battery life–Phone uses less power when
    signal is stronger

    Improve mobile Internet coverage
  Use your laptop at even greater distances from your router
  Get more out of your HDTV
  Easy installation

Frequently asked questions
How do signal boosters work?
The farther away you are from a cellular or television tower, the weaker your device’s signal will be. Likewise, obstructions like trees, hills, buildings etc. can also block your signal from reaching your device. What a signal booster does is amplify the weak signal so that it can communicate effectively with the tower.

Whether you install a signal booster in your home, office or, vehicle, there are normally 4 main components required for installation: signal booster (amplifier), inside antenna, outside antenna, and power supply. The outside antenna works by picking up the weak signal from the cell tower, which is then amplified by the booster and sent directly to your device via the inside antenna. The process is then reversed, giving your device the increased power necessary to communicate with the tower.

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Are signal boosters difficult to install?
The type of installation required depends on the type of signal booster being used. The majority of retail-level amplifiers come with simple step-by-step instructions that take only a few moments to complete.

For a vehicle installation, attach the outside antenna to the center of the vehicle’s roof and run the cable through the door to the amplifier. For a home or office installation, mount the outside antenna to the roof or optional window bracket and connect to the signal booster. Finally, make sure the inside antenna is connected to the amplifier to repeat the signal back to your device.

It’s important to read through your installation guide carefully prior to installing any equipment, as some hardware may not be suitable for your particular application. If physical restrictions prevent you from installing the antenna on the roof or outside your building, you can request professional assistance.

Will a signal booster add charges to my monthly cell phone bill?
No. There is no additional monthly fee, service plan, or hidden costs for using a Signal Booster.

Where should I install my signal booster?
Make sure to position the signal booster in a well-ventilated, central location of the house where it can’t be obstructed by brick walls or metal objects. Avoid placing your signal booster near microwaves, cordless phones, garage door openers, and even baby monitors. Keep in mind, the less objects in the signal’s way, the better the signal strength. To save space, you can mount the signal booster to any suitable surface or lay it flat.

Do signal boosters work on Analogue?
The majority of signal boosters work on both digital and analog. When shopping for a signal booster, read the specifications carefully to make sure it supports both analog and digital signals.


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