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New tech, old tech, your tech

Our experts are here to make sure all you have to do is enjoy your tech! Whether you need help setting up a new device or want to make your current tech perform the way you need it to, The Source offers many in-store & in-home service solutions.

Whether you bought it at The Source or not, we can help!

  • Visit your closest The Source location
  • Call us to find the right solution, get a quote, or set up an in-home service 1-866-515-5855

In-Store Services – we’ll send you home with a solution!

The Source has a full range of in-store set-up, upgrade, and repair services. Our experts can set-up your new laptop so it’s ready to go before you even get it home, plus we offer many upgrade & repair services from hardware & software installation to repairing just about any out-of-warranty electronic, no matter where you purchased it.

But that’s not all, we’ll also help:

  • Install your watch battery. The Source has an extensive assortment of batteries in-store & online
  • Rebuild your hard to replace battery, an environmentally friendly option*
  • Transfer cherished home movies to DVD to share & enjoy all over again*
  • And more…
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PC/Laptop Warm Up, $49.95
  • An initial set-up of your new PC/Laptop so that it’s configured and ready to use right out of the box. (2562031)
New PC/Laptop Set-Up Advanced, $79.95
  • An extensive set up of your new PC so that it is configured and ready to use right out of the box. (2569981)
Software Installation, $19.95
  • We’ll install the software you’ve purchased at The Source from productivity to security software. (2562007)
Hardware Installation, $39.95
  • In-store installation of memory, optical drives, and other hardware. Purchased in increments of 30 minutes. (2562001)
Video to DVD Transfer, from $29.95
  • We will transfer your reel-to-reel video tapes or camcorder/VHS/Beta tapes to convenient-to-use and long-lasting DVDs. (2563010-3014)*
Watch Battery Installation, $4.00
  • We install replacement button cell batteries in watches and other devices while you wait. (2567000)
Battery Rebuilds, from $9.95
  • Bring us your spent battery packs, that no longer hold their charge, and we will rebuild them to better than new. (2307000)*
Repair Services, from $25.00 + part(s)
  • Bring in your defective electronic products to any of our stores and we will ship them free of charge to our National Repair Centre for service. We can repair just about any out-of-warranty electronics, regardless of where they were purchased.*

In-Home Services – We’ll come to you with a solution!

We’ll come to your home or business to make sure your tech is set-up right. With many service options to suit your needs, our experts can help you set-up your computer or network to keep your family or business connected, or if you just bought a brand new TV we’ll help you mount it in the right configuration for an optimized experience.

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PC/Laptop Installation Gold, $149.00
  • One of our mobile technicians will visit your home or business to set up your new PC. (2569962)
Wireless Router Install, $129.00
  • Ensure that your wireless network is set up securely with an on-site wireless router installation plus add up to 2 devices. (2569964)
PC/Laptop Installation Services, $129.00
  • An on-site technician will visit your home or business to complete technical service work on your PC/Laptop, set up your wireless network, install or upgrade your operating system and more. (2569969)
TV Installation & Wall Mount, Up to 42” $199.00 / 43 – 60” $249.00
  • Let us do the heavy lifting for you. Our mobile technicians will visit your home or business to set up and wall-mount your new flat panel TV (up to 60”). (2569972/9973)

*Select services are performed out of store. Just drop off your tech at any The Source location and we’ll take care of shipping and let you know when you’re serviced item is ready for convenient pick-up at the same The Source location

Our experts care about your tech experience!

our experts care Need more details? Visit your closest The Source location
or give us a call at 1-866-515-5855

The Source knows tech. We’ve been offering consumer electronic Repair & In-Home Installation services for over 30 years. With over 650+ locations across the country, simply bring the product in need of service to your local The Source store and we’ll take care of the rest.

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